celebrity social media tricks

Way back in the dark ages (before social media), we got to know a celebrity intimately by watching a TV interview or reading a tabloid magazine article. Now thanks to Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and Facebook, we are in their bathrooms, their private jets, their backstage green rooms…  and we know all the members of their entourage (we follow them, too). Here, we’ve found a few tricks inspired by these social masters that you can swipe to build your own social media stardom.


Scroll through Taylor Swift’s Instagram feed and tell me that those pictures weren’t all carefully curated to represent her as a fun-loving gal.  That “casual” photo of Girls’ Night Out consisted of hair, makeup, wardrobe changes, and more than a little retouching. Every post from a celebrity is amplifying his or her personal brand, and every post is made with intention.

Steal the trick: Get serious about your photo content, as well as your words. One hundred percent of your posts must be in alignment with your personal branding – the impression you want to convey. Create the standard that your profile will live up to. Don’t post something just to post. Make sure that every post is consistent in quality, mood, and spirit.


You don’t even know she’s doing it, but Britney is getting paid to tell you about the teeth whitener she’s been using or the t-shirt she’s wearing that she just can’t live without. Influencer marketing is huge in social media, with some A-list celebs getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for just one Instagram post. Word of mouth is the best sales tool, and it doesn’t have to be from a celeb. Sure that face cream gets a huge boost in sales when Nicole Kidman says she loves it. But you’d also likely buy it if your best friend with the flawless skin told you she uses it.

Steal the trick: Boost awareness by putting your product or service in front of influencers. I’m not talking A-list, unreachable celebrities. Social proof comes from any trustworthy peer. Look for people who have earned the respect of a large group of your target customers, and reach out to ask if they would use your products and talk about them online.

Here’s a great example of an influencer campaign going on with our client EccoBellaBeauty:

social media influencer campaign


Lets get real: Rihanna is not huddled over her phone crafting her next tweet. This is where the job of social media manager comes in: reported to make upwards of six figures, these managers are dedicated to their celeb, whether by being part of the in-person entourage, or through fielding the wants and desires of divas from afar. Either way, social media managers must take painstaking care to make sure their client is presented to the public correctly. Or else.

Steal the trick: Running a business and building a brand leaves you with more than enough to do. Hiring a social media manager frees up your time by allowing the experts to take care of your marketing and online branding. No more trying to figure out what content to post, who to connect with, how to get attention: they do the work for you.

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