The Biggest Social Media Trends 2013It’s a New Year. With a new year come new goals, new ideas, and new trends.  So what is on the horizon in terms of social media?  Yes, Twitter and Facebook will remain in the forefront – sharing millions of thoughts, ideas, and opinions (sometimes in 140 characters or less).  But let’s take a moment to open our eyes to the visual and our ears to the aural, and let’s see what we find…

Here are 3 trends that will be hot (or hotter) in 2013 – and they certainly appeal to our senses:

  1. Pinterest – It doesn’t get much more visual than this.  Even if you are not in a visual business, Pinterest allows potential fans to get to know you visually.  Pin graphics and photos that show off your style, your brand, your personality.  Tell your story in pictures.  Then connect your Pinterest account with your other networks (Facebook and Twitter) so fans can find and follow you.
  2. Podcasts – If Pinterest is candy for the eye, then a podcast is candy for the ear.  Do you have information you want to share?  Podcasts may be the perfect way to get your brilliance out to the world.  Are you a motivational speaker?  Then your voice is your business.  Why limit yourself to the written word?  Create podcasts.  Your listeners can download and enjoy them through their computer – or even in the car or on their morning jog.  A podcast can open up a whole new world of marketing for you.
  3. Videos – Combine visual AND audio.  2013 is being dubbed “The Year of the Video.”  Video is the fastest-growing digital content category.  Research states that 90% of the online population will regularly watch online video by 2017.  Jump in now!  Commit to learning more about video creation, video production, and video marketing, and you will see a return on your investment.

Open your eyes and ears, and let these social trends of 2013 sweep you in.  If you add these marketing techniques to your consistent Twitter and Facebook presence, you’ll see a huge increase in visibility and your message will be spread in a bigger way.