So you’re having trouble keeping up with your business social media accounts. Maybe you’ve been scheduling posts once a week using a social media scheduler; maybe your best intentions to find rock-solid content falls to the bottom of your to-do list more often than not; maybe you just don’t have enough time in the day to devote to social media because you’re too busy getting your business off the ground.

Meet Edgar

Well, we’ve got some options for you. First, Meet Edgar. According to the website www.meetedgar.com, “Edgar isn’t just another social media tool – he’s a smart scheduler who fundamentally changes the way social traffic works. He gives your best content new life, never runs out of things to say, and is absolute aces at Double Dutch.”

Edgar works by allowing users to create libraries of content, organizing them into categories like “Quotes,” “Blog Posts,” or “ “Underwater Basket Weaving Puns.” You then create a schedule that tells Edgar when you’d like to publish the posts from each category. By doing so, Edgar knows what types of posts to share at the specific times of day you’ve requested for all items in that category.

When Edgar goes through all the content in your queue, he simply starts to recycle older updates from that category, giving new opportunities for audiences to see posts they may have missed and potentially bringing in fresh traffic. Pricing runs from $49 – $129 a month.

Social Essentials

Another program provides a similar service to Edgar but with even LESS work on your part. It’s called the “$97-a-month, no-brainer, quality-content, consistent-posting, take-away-my-stress” Social Media Program. The program also goes by the name of Social Essentials.

With this program, users choose their platform (Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn), complete the intake questionnaire, and basically just sit back and relax. Here’s the difference with the Social Essentials Program: your account is assigned a real live professional social media writer who has researched your business website or blog, while also mastering the information you give in your intake form. This social media guru aligns their voice with your brand, then curates and creates fresh quality content that is posted on your social media account every day.

Unlike Edgar, the content is not recycled from old sources. Instead you get a shiny brand new post every day from your own personal social media master who is proficient in your brand. Heck, they may be better at you than YOU are.

So if you’re in the market for consistent results while saving time, both of these services are stellar choices. Only you can answer the question if you’d like your very own social media writer to carry around in your pocket.

[Our Social Essentials program is no longer available, but we have lots of other ways to save you hours on your social media writing]