Let’s think of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest as your stage, and all your followers or “fans” as your audience. How will you convey your “story?”story telling

If you were speaking to a large group of people, and you presented only the dry facts and then launched into your sales pitch, you’d likely bore your audience to tears. The same applies to social media. While there is a place for a bit of self-promotion, it must be sprinkled into a larger mix of brand-building content. My point is that instead of “selling” to your audience you need to be building a relationship with them.

Using social media to engage with hundreds – maybe even thousands – of strangers is no easy task. It requires hard work, consistency, and tenacity. Building a relationship means speaking with your followers about more than just business. Bringing a personal touch to your business is the KEY to generating more sales. Connect with your audience, tell them your story, make them laugh, make them cry (in a good way!), build up their spirits, and then gently promote your wares.

People are more inclined to purchase or support a brand or product that they feel is being sold/represented by an actual human, especially one with a three-dimensional personality – and not a one-track sales pitch like an automated telemarketer. So, here are some simple tips for social media storytelling that will practically guarantee you will see better results:

  1. Show your human side often. Post about personal experiences that relate to your brand (and some that don’t relate! Remember: people are not one-dimensional).
  2. Use quotes. Few people are going to re-tweet or share your business plans or your sales materials. They will, however, share posts that are inspirational or funny.
  3. Once you’ve established a relationship, built trust, and positioned yourself as a real person, you can move into the business end of things. Clearly and convincingly communicate your message, value, and unique selling proposition. Post about your upcoming events and product launches. Give your followers examples of your products or your service. Show them the results and rewards of hiring you or trying your product!

Everyone loves a good story. So give the people what they want, and watch your business grow!