All right, you’re tired. You miss the extra hour of sleep that you lost this weekend. You curse Ben Franklin as your alarm rings at 7:00am – it feels like 6!  (Ben proposed Daylight Savings time first, you know).  We understand.  Here at GhostTweeting, we’re feeling it too.

social media spring cleaningBut there’s always a silver lining. The sun is shining later in the day. There’s time to go outside – to garden, to play with kids or pets, or just to read in the shade. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, you don’t have to wear three layers of outerwear every time you leave the house… life is good.

Yes, warmer weather is here, and that means that it’s time for a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. But not of your cluttered closet or drafty attic – of your social media. So wake up, shake away those winter blues, and get ready for a new season.

Social Media Spring Cleaning

  • Update your bio

A bio is something that we usually churn out in a few seconds when we first begin to use a social media platform – and then never really think about again. Take a few minutes to rewrite your bio if it’s out of date. Make certain to include your business branding and the message that you’re trying to convey.  Be clear and concise – neatness is key!

  • Lose the clutter

Is your homepage full of irrelevant tweeters? Companies that you followed months ago to get a coupon? Bot accounts? One great way to clean up is to unfollow any of these.  Make room for the people who you want to engage with and whose message you are interested in.

  • Schedule time for social media

Allot a certain amount of time every day – say, one hour at 3pm – to schedule and deal with all of your social media business. Some platforms like Tumblr allow you to schedule – or queue – all of your posts in advance. For others, like Twitter and Facebook, there is software available to help with that – for example, HootSuite and TweetDeck.

  • Dust off your old platforms

How long has it been since you shared on one of your preferred networks? If you’re a Twitter addict but haven’t posted on Facebook in weeks, then it’s time to spruce up your Facebook page, or vice versa.  Being consistent across all of your social media platforms shows that you are reliable and worthy of trust.

  • Connect with new people that you’ve met over the past year

How many new contacts have you made since your last spring cleaning? Probably more than you think. Find all of the business cards that you’ve collected over the year and do a social media search. Log into LinkedIn and add connections by syncing your email. You never know what great opportunities might come from good networking.

And remember – April showers bring May flowers! Hard work today will pay off down the road.