Are you afraid to use Twitter because you “don’t want to waste hours a day” on Social Media?  Here is the great news:  According to studies, spending hours a day on Twitter does NOT lead to more visibility, website traffic, or sales.

Boost Biz on TwitterFeel free to spend time socializing on Social Media – chat with friends, share stories, have conversations.  Just don’t call it “marketing” and proclaim that social media is a waste of time.

Social media is NOT a waste of time if you use it in an effective way.  You can spend a lot less time, and do it right.  Here is how:

  • Share valuable, informative, entertaining information… OFTEN
    Twitter posts have a very short lifespan.  If you want to get your message out, send it over and over.  Tweet often.  If a follower looks on Twitter a few minutes after you tweet, they miss your post.  So post it again.  Don’t believe those fearful people who say you shouldn’t tweet too much.  If you want more people to hear about your business, tweet more.  And if I didn’t say it enough, let me say it again… post on Twitter often!

    Oh – by the way… this does NOT mean you should spend all day on Twitter.  Schedule your posts.  Outsource your posting.  Leverage your time, but make sure you post often!

  • Get more followers by spending more time broadcasting, and less time replying and conversing
    You want your customers to engage with your brand.  But that doesn’t mean you should spend time having back and forth conversations.  That does not lead to more visibility.  Spend your time sharing resources, tips, links, entertaining tidbits, brand-boosting comments.  But save your conversations for personal time.
  • Be consistent
    Make sure that every post you make is in alignment with your core message and brand.  Each time you post something that contradicts your brand, it confuses your audience, and you need to start building trust from scratch.
  • It’s not about you!
    As your “self-reference” increases, your follower count and reach decreases.  The more you use words such as I, me, we, and us, the less you will spread your message.  Your followers are logging on to get value, not to hear you talk about yourself.  Your business brand and message needs to be about how you can help your potential clients.

    On the other hand, your bio should be filled out completely, and include lots of credible information about YOU and your brand.  Your profile is where you can toot your own horn!

  • Tweet every day
    Yes, even on the weekends.  Most businesses focus on marketing during business days.  Which means – your followers’ streams are extremely busy Monday through Friday.  The posts that show up on Saturday and Sunday get more attention because there is less noise.  It is easier to stand out.

Twitter is a wonderful way to get visibility for your business.  You can experiment with these proven ideas, and watch your exposure grow!