Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Shine Podcast!

The Shine Podcast is here to help you develop your thought leadership, authority and celebrity status through weekly episodes. In today’s kickoff episode, Nika Stewart, the founder of GhostTweeting.com shares what you can expect from the Shine Podcast and exactly how this show is set up to help you achieve your goals of thought leadership.

In this very first episode, Nika shares the major differences between a typical brand and a personal brand and her five keys to gaining massive visibility for your personal brand using social media. Give your personal brand a jumpstart and start using social media to dominate in your niche with today’s podcast episode.

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What You’ll Discover In Today’s Episode:

  • How to define what a personal brand is and what that means for you
  • The 5 keys to gaining visibility for your personal brand
  • The differences and benefits of having a personal brand vs. a typical brand
  • The surprising results of Nika’s case study creating two Twitter accounts
  • Why you should choose one social media “lane” to focus on, and how to get started
  • What being “on message” means and how it helps you create a consistent brand image
  • How outreach and engagement should factor into your social strategy
  • Why engaging LIVE is important and how it can be the X factor in your marketing

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Decide which social network is best for you. Each one has it's own personality - @NikaStewart Click To Tweet

Anytime something knocks you off message, that's when your brand suffers - @NikaStewart Click To Tweet

Treat all shares and likes as endorsements - @NikaStewart Click To Tweet

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