Welcome to episode two of SHINE, the podcast for personal brands hosted by the CEO of GhostTweeting.com, Nika Stewart. Today’s episode dives into a question that every single person considers at some point when it comes to social media: “What the heck should I post on social media?”

Not only has Nika posted for herself and her clients 1,000s of times but she’s studied what works over the years, what gains immediate traction and she’s discovered a proven formula for social media posting to become a thought leader. Listen in to today’s episode to learn the exact SHINE formula Nika has developed so you can consistently position yourself as the authority in your space.

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What You’ll Discover In Today’s Episode:

  • The formula Nika discovered to use social media for thought leadership positioning.
  • The exact template Nika uses to turn her concept into an easy-to-implement, repeatable format.
  • What the right balance is to strike between posting about your expertise and about you (the expert)
  • How to connect with your social followers personally, and why connecting is critical to your success
  • The exact ratio of what to post in the areas of “your expertise”, “areas that support your expertise” and “character development”.
  • What Nika means by “areas that support your expertise” and “character development”.
  • The two ways most personal brands mess up their social posting and how you can avoid these situations.
  • How this method of posting will consistently position your personal brand as an authority in your space.

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