Have you been bitten by the Pinterest bug? We here at GhostTweeting certainly have, and we couldn’t be happier. The incredibly popular and wildly addictive social media site is a haven for just about everyone, with boards for any interest, from recipes to fashion, music to art, and so much more. It’s filled with fun pictures that you can save for yourself and curate into your own personal image boards. But what does this website have that others don’t? Why is the Pinterest sensation sweeping the nation? And how can we use some of its great ideas for our own websites?

To answer those burning questions, here are the three top reasons that Pinterest is so addictive, and how you can learn from that in marketing your own website.


1. Fun Pics 

One of Pinterest’s defining features is its abundance of pictures. As is often said, a picture is worth a thousand words. This holds especially true for marketing. Very few members of your internet audience will engage with a wall of one thousand words of text that takes time and effort to read. But a fun, catchy image will catch and hold their attention.


2. Quick Fix

blog_GT_pin_short A recent study has shown that the average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes per month on the site, compared with Facebook, on which an average user spends 420 minutes per month. People spend 4 times LESS time on Pinterest.  This is a big part of Pinterest’s appeal – it’s a quick fix. You can find what you want and pin it to your board in seconds. Pin during your five minute ride on the subway, quickly pin something you like from a blog, pick a few pins before bed…

Try using this fast, user-friendly approach in designing your website, with quick bits of information rather than long streams.


gt_cellphone_app3. App-cessibility

Pinterest is everywhere. You can connect to it from your computer, your tablet, your smartphone. This accessibility is due to one great advent in social media marketing- the app. Apps are hugely popular. People love using them. Creating an app to engage with your customers and clients will boost your following exponentially.

At the very least, your website MUST be mobile-friendly!


And, of course, the last thing we can learn from Pinterest to market our own brands – is to join it! Make some boards for your business and capitalize on this popular pinning paradise! And don’t forget to follow our fun boards.