Time to outsourceIt’s time to delegate more. You know it. That means that you need to let go and allow someone else handle your social media marketing.  It’ll save you hours each week and grant you the energy and time to focus on what you do best and really grow your business.

But for solo-preneurs, and even small to large businesses and corporations, outsourcing social media brings up a big concern:

How do I know that my writer will “get me”? How can I be sure they will be posting in MY voice and style?

Well, a good social media ghost writer doesn’t actually make up posts, hoping they are in YOUR voice.  They don’t write posts from scratch at all. In fact, after studying your website and offerings to get a strong sense of your style, goals, and branding, a great social media ghost writer will compile direct quotes from YOU – from your blog, website, articles, videos, books, and other materials.  Yes, when possible, they take your ideas word-for-word, and publish them as posts and tweets, adding the appropriate hashtags and Twitter abbreviations.

You see?  You can be sure they are posting in your voice, brand, and style because the posts have come directly from your head.  YOU wrote them.

When necessary, your writer will rephrase your ideas to make them more social media-friendly, or to keep within Twitter’s 140-character limit (they abbreviate, shorten, reword, and paraphrase to stay within your context and meet space requirements). Good ghost writers are careful to maintain the integrity of your unique thoughts and voice.

Many of our GhostTweeting clients have a tough time determining which tweets are ours and which are theirs!  That’s our favorite complement.

“I love that my own words are used (but I didn’t have to sit for hours coming up with posts).”

Now THAT is what you want from your social media manager: saving you loads of time and stress, while pulling thoughts from YOUR head.

If you want to spend more time on your brilliance – freeing up energy to BUILD your business, while we spend time on our brilliance (writing social media posts), contact us today for a quick chat.