a guest article by Patty Lennon from crowdfund with ease

Have you ever wondered if all the work you do to manage and grow your social media presence is paying off?  You tweet, you post, you pin and for what?

Social Media is a long-term strategy and if you spend time analyzing metrics and speaking to leads you probably already see the financial benefit.  Last year I uncovered an even easier way to connect the dots from all my social media love to my bank account.

Doing this one thing brought thousands and thousands of dollars into my bank account in 14 days.  Sounds like a cheesy infomercial lead-in right?  Well, its not.  This money flew into my bank account through an entirely legitimate marketing strategy that is underused by purpose-driven entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Want to know the marketing vehicle I used to harness the power of my social media relationships and drive big dollars to my bank account?

Its called Crowdfunding.Crowdfunding

If you have heard about crowdfunding, you may have already been wondering if it could work for you.  Well I’m here to tell you that if you have been cultivating relationships, inspiring others and sharing strong content with your followers, you will absolutely succeed at crowdfunding.

The reason Crowdfunding is so underutilized is that many people understand it to be a funding vehicle only.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Crowdfunding is a marketing machine that quickly connects the dots between your social media relationships and your bank account.

If you have a project, business or book that you would love to bring to the world and that little issue of cash is standing between you and your dreams, I strongly recommend you investigate Crowdfunding further.   I promise it can open up a world of possibilities you never knew was possible…


Patty Lennon is a Business Strategist and Crowdfunding Consultant.  To learn more about how Crowdfunding can help you grow your business register for her upcoming webinar.