There’s no doubt that you’ve noticed the prevalence and importance of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. You’ve probably even seen the growing popularity of sites like Pinterest and LinkedIn. But there is one social networking site that is quickly growing under the radar, and that site is Tumblr.

A user-friendly blogging platform with highly interactive features, Tumblr is the new up-and-coming social media powerhouse. If you’re not already on Tumblr, you should be – and here’s why:

3 Reasons to be on Tumblr#1. Increased Visibility:

The internet is a cluttered place. It’s hard to make your information stand out. Tumblr has the unique capability to make your work stand apart from the rest. It allows you to engage with your followers and spread your message. It allows you to use different forms of media to hook your audience.

Plus, with the power of the *reblog* – a feature similar to a retweet on twitter, other users can share your post with their followers, who can share it in turn – the possibilities are endless. In this way, tons of people who don’t even follow you (yet!) will view your post.

Reblogging is as easy as a click, and you can even add your own opinion to the post, leading to engaging discussions with followers across the world. Quality blog posts, images or videos can spread like wildfire across Tumblr. Make your posts catchy and interesting and they’re sure to be popular! Plus, Tumblr can link with your Facebook and Twitter, sending out your tumblr posts to all of your favorite networks.

#2. Multimedia Blogging:

Twitter is perfect for short and sweet announcements or witticisms. Yes, Facebook is great to connect with pictures or words. But Tumblr stands apart in its ability to engage followers with a wide range of easily accessible posts.

Whether it be videos, audio podcasts, engaging graphics or full articles, Tumblr has you covered. Followers love to engage in multiple forms of media – they may not read a wall of text, but they are much more likely to watch a video or click through a slideshow of images. It’s human nature – bright, vibrant, fun, that’s what draws us in.

And as we’ve said earlier this month, the three biggest up-and-coming trends for social media are pictures, podcasts and videos – all of which are combined on Tumblr!

#3. #Tags, #tags, #tags!

Like hashtags on twitter, the searchable tag option on Tumblr is invaluable for finding posts and blogs with similar interests to connect to. Are you a health fanatic? Search “health”, “wellness”, or “fitspo” on tumblr, and voila! Thousands of posts show up that you may want to reblog to your followers – posted by people with interests similar to you, that you yourself may want to follow. Fashion junkie? Search your favorite designers and fill your dashboard with this season’s hottest collections. Engage with your followers about what is hot and what is not. There are huge niche markets and communities to tap into on Tumblr, and tagging helps you find them.

#4? A bonus fourth reason to join Tumblr – we’re on it! Follow us at!