About Jane Ellen

Jane Ellen is a Google+ Account Manager for Ghost Tweeting. She is a broadcast personality, known for her over-the-top personality and immense social network. Jane knows how to engage. She has guided four clients onto the Suggested User List on G+.

Social Media for Designers

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This article shares tips for Creatives in Fashion, Photography, Decorating, Graphic Design and more. If you are the creative type, you are at your best when you start from nothing and build your vision. The result is a captivating photo, a cozy bedroom, an amazing gown or a beautiful website. See where to begin when you want to show the world your talent. Read on...

Why You Should Use G+ for Your Business

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Google Plus.  Sure, you know it exists, just like Kopi Luwak coffee.  But that doesn’t mean you’ve tried it. After all, isn’t $600 / pound coffee still, in the end, just coffee? Well, sure it is. And Chopin was just a piano player. In many ways, G+ surpasses all other social media networks, as it offers [...]

5 Steps To Work at Home Success

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  Work at home. It sounds perfect on the surface -- answering emails in your jammies, taking calls from the hammock, solving a client issue with a mere swipe across your smart phone. But telecommuting, remote work, work at home, teleworking, whatever you’d like to call it, just isn’t that simple. But it can be a terrific [...]

Social Media Marketing Is Just Brain Chemistry

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Ever wonder why so many people post selfies and food porn across all their social media channels? The answer is simple -- dopamine. Your brain's pleasure center gets the same reward boost (and dopamine level change) just as if you'd eaten chocolate or fallen in love (yeah, it's that powerful). Brain Science From a Marketing Perspective Four years [...]

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Google+

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Unfathomably, Google+ seems to be lagging behind other networks in media exposure. You can’t walk past a TV without hearing a news story about Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, but news about G+ is much more difficult to find. It will probably surprise you to learn that Google+ has more than a half-billion active users (yes, that’s [...]