5 Ways To Look Like a Celebrity On Social Media

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We are now advertising ourselves on social media more than ever before, giving us larger audiences to influence. That makes us celebrities. So how can we create accounts that emulate our favorite celebrities? We’ve found these five elements that make up a celeb-worthy account.

Steal These 3 Social Media Tricks From Celebs

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Thanks to Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and Facebook, we are in celebrities' bathrooms, their private jets, their backstage green rooms... we know everything about them. Here, we’ve found a few tricks inspired by these social masters that you can swipe to build your own social media stardom.

How to Use Social Media to Drive a Book Launch

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How does social media influence a book launch? Case Study: Donovan Green's "No Excuses Fitness" We are often asked by authors if social media can help boost book sales. The answer, of course, is yes; provided that the social media campaign is strategic, intelligent, consistent, and well-coordinated with other marketing efforts. Social media contributes to increased [...]

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Google+

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Unfathomably, Google+ seems to be lagging behind other networks in media exposure. You can’t walk past a TV without hearing a news story about Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, but news about G+ is much more difficult to find. It will probably surprise you to learn that Google+ has more than a half-billion active users (yes, that’s [...]

Hey Twitter User, You’re Getting a Makeover!

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Doing a double take as you log on to Twitter? Over the next few weeks you just might as the popular micro-blogging site rolls out its newest redesign which comes close to echoing the feel of Facebook. According to Twitter’s blog post announcing the change, “it will be even easier (and, we think, more fun) to [...]

Celebrities and Twitter: Three Cautionary Tales

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We’ve all said things we regret from time to time, but in the age of social media it can be difficult to take words back. For most of us, a simple click on the ‘delete' button can minimize the damage caused by an unfortunate turn of phrase, but if you’re in the public eye, you’re under [...]

Twitter for Authors: Fun Fiction Festival

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In the ever-expanding Twitterverse, fiction is a new frontier. And while published authors will continue to use the platform to connect to their readers, the Twitter Fiction Festival organizers encourage would-be writers to help lead the way into uncharted territory.

Who’s Your Daddy? How Taking A Provocative Risk Can Skyrocket Your Visibility

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The day this photo appeared in the NY Post was the day that changed Jared Rosenthal's life. A full-page story gave Jared the title "Mr. Genealogy" and shared a day in the life of his mobile drug- and DNA-testing company. This spawned a media frenzy, as the coming days, weeks, and months were filled with TV [...]

Music Artists To Follow on Twitter

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(Part of our Who To Follow series) Not all musicians and artists "get" Twitter.  We think these artists do.  Here is our choice of Music Artists to follow on Twitter... for fun, entertainment, and inspiration. P!nk: @Pink Bio: it's all happening What to expect: Be there for all of Pink's thoughts and whims. Keep up with her philanthropy and [...]

To Tweet, or Not To Tweet – There is no question!

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Few people throughout the course of human history have had such an effect on the English language as William Shakespeare. He had an innate knowledge for the flow of words, as well as a natural knack for understanding the way that people express themselves. Today, on his 449th birthday, it’s clearer than ever that his words [...]