A Guide to Social Media Management Pricing and Packages

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When searching for an agency to manage your company’s social media, you will soon find that the options are practically limitless. But when it comes to finding a reputable, trustworthy company with a track record of results, you'll need to research a little deeper. In this article we review the different social media options and costs [...]

The Value and ROI of Social Media: Let’s Get Real

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A properly planned and executed social media campaign will indeed lead to increased clients and sales, but not in the way you might imagine. See what you can easily implement, so that followers are more likely to want to do business with you.

Don’t Make These 4 Social Media Mistakes

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You've poured your heart and soul (and many hours) into building your social media communities, and you are proud of what you are growing. But just one slip-up could contaminate your brand’s carefully cultivated reputation, tearing down all your hard work in an instant. To avoid such a major mishap, make sure you’re not committing any of these [...]

Harnessing The Networking Power of LinkedIn Groups

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If you’re a professional in any industry and want your expertise to shine through on social media, you need to be using LinkedIn effectively. LinkedIn is more than just a fancy web-based resume builder; it’s a place to network with others in your field, to keep up on trends that impact your business, and to find [...]

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go: If you have been in a public place in the last week and saw an increase in people’s heads buried in their phones, well... congratulations! You’ve just witnessed history in the making. This wildly popular app allows users to catch fictional cartoon characters in the real world, anywhere from your bathroom to the line [...]

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Jump on the Periscope Bandwagon

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Periscope: Apple's App of the Year, this new(ish) form of social media has hit the marketplace and is changing the way companies communicate with audiences. Twitter purchased the live-streaming mobile video app in February 2015. The app allows users to broadcast live video from their smartphones at the touch of a button, with endless potential for [...]

Mastering Social Media for your Startup in Five Steps

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It’s not an option anymore: you MUST have a social media strategy for your startup. Considering the number of platforms and the complexity of the demographics they serve, it’s no wonder you’ve been dragging your feet on this. But listen close: this could be the single most important element of your business marketing. Do not underestimate [...]

Three Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Marketing Game

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Instagram: filled to the gills with unprecedented opportunity to reach mass audiences, visually build your brand and … share pictures of your drool-worthy Sunday brunch? Yes, the app is chock full of artfully arranged afternoon picnics and airbrushed cocktail parties but it’s swiftly becoming the perfect platform for your business to visually tell a story, offer [...]

What’s Your Klout Score? (and is it important?)

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Want to know how much pull you have on social media? Enter Klout, a tool to measure a person’s online influence and social media credibility: the more influential you are, the higher your score. While Google’s search engine ranks the relevance of web pages, Klout’s mission is to rank the influence of every person online, from [...]