How Blogs Can Make You More MoneyDon’t quite get the connection between consistent, quality blog posts and more $$ in your pocket? That’s okay; you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs I speak with are still not clear about the benefits of blogging.

Within the next few paragraphs, however, I believe that I can convert you from a blog skeptic to a posting fanatic. Let me begin with three non-tangible benefits (just as a teaser … I’m saving the really good stuff for the end) …

  • Expert Status: With a portfolio of well-written, content-rich blog posts on your site, you are perceived as the go-to guru in your field. This is a great forum for you to impart your knowledge, advice, and philosophy, giving others a warm and fuzzy feeling about your professionalism and expertise. (this in itself is an amazing benefit – but I can tell you’re not convinced yet. Read on!).
  • Greater Exposure: Google loves seeing fresh, relevant content on your site, and a blog is a perfect way to boost your ranking among the major search engines. With well-placed keywords, your site will be easier to find by prospects interested in your services. Additionally, you are more likely to catch the attention of the media and other websites/blogs that may want to share your articles with their audiences (starting to come around?).
  • Seeding: Astute blog authors will sprinkle “seeds” within their posts. Seeds are subtle references to the services that the entrepreneur provides. A great blog post not only provides super-useful content, but it also alludes to the fact that the author provides the exact services mentioned in the article. (Here, watch me brilliantly seed this post it in the next paragraph.)

As Social Media Marketers, we love when our clients write quality blog posts on a regular basis (was that smooth, or what? Now I’ve seeded our core business into the article. Watch me drive it home later). We use our clients’ blog posts to lure prospects to their websites. And that brings me to the #1 way to use blog posts to increase your business:

Quality Blog Posts + Smart Social Media = Increased Website Traffic = Increased Sales

Want more traffic to your website? Write quality blog posts, and then promote them via Twitter and Facebook.

With great blog content, you can phrase your tweets in such a way to lure people to your website. And what’s great is that the people who click the link to get to your site are most likely members of your target audience – AND there is a high degree of likelihood that they are in need of your services. Here’s why:

Let’s look at an accountant, for example. Tax time rolls around, and she publishes an article on her blog about tax-saving strategies. She then creates a set of compelling tweets to spread the word. Here are some of her tweets:

This one mistake could be costing you thousands of dollars on your taxes:

Little-known secret about taxes that the IRS doesn’t want you to know:

Do you qualify for the newly enacted $750 tax rebate? Find out here:

Juicy, no? These posts are sure to get lots of clicks. And who are clicking these links? People who want to save money on their taxes. And people who are thinking about their taxes are the exact type of people the accountant wants visiting her website.

Does this mean that everyone who clicks the link will hire the accountant to prepare their taxes? Of course not. But by getting the prospect to the website, social media has done its job. And now it’s up to the website itself to move the prospect along the sales cycle.

If your site is compelling and your call to action is clear, then you should see significant increases in newsletter signups, requests for strategy sessions, and, ultimately, dollars in your pocket. The formula is simple: Lure people to your blog articles via social media, wow them with content, and then gently guide them to your sales page to learn more about your services.

Here – watch me do it; then try it yourself:

First, I have already gotten you to my site from Twitter (see, that part works – you’re here!). Now let’s see if I can gently guide you to go to my sales page:

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