Ep #10: Cursing and Crying Your Way to a Powerful Brand With Patty Lennon

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  Are you afraid of making mistakes? You’re not alone. But the problem with being afraid of making mistakes - as a business owner, a thought leader, a public figure - is that it can prevent us from being our authentic selves. And you can't build a brand without being authentic 100% of the time. That’s [...]

Ep #9: The Curse of Being Neutral

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  Nobody wants to alienate potential clients or offend people that may be interested in working with them. However, it is much more important to take a stand and pick a side on important issues that relate to your brand. Nika Stewart and Robert Mandelberg discuss the intricacies of picking a side and doing it in [...]

Ep #6: How to Use the Psychology of Color to Your Advantage

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  Did you know that color can impact how people see your brand? It’s true! Colors influence our perception, and different hues cause certain emotional and physical reactions in the body. Understanding those reactions and what emotions that get triggered is a critical part of any brand's overall impression on customers and prospects.  The trick is [...]