The topic of today’s episode may come as a surprise to many looking to build their own personal brand, but every great brand has a clearly defined enemy.  Embracing the concept of having common enemies with your audience will transform your brand from boring to powerful. 

Nika shares a story about how the messaging around Michael Hyatt’s “Focus” program wasn’t really sounding enticing for her until Michael highlighted their common enemy: distractions. That common enemy created a rally cry against distractions and helped Nika realize exactly what was causing her problems and that Michael’s solution was right for her. Listen in to today’s episode to learn how to determine what your personal brand’s enemy can be and how you can start leveraging an enemy to make your brand truly shine.

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What You’ll Discover In Today’s Episode:

  • Why personal brands without an enemy become a bit boring
  • Discover the difference between having a common passion, and a common enemy
  • How to use enemies in your messaging to make your products and brand more compelling
  • Exactly what Nika’s ‘enemy’ is for her brand
  • Why rooting against something is so much more powerful than rooting for something
  • How to determine WHAT your personal brand’s enemy should be
  • The 3-step exercise to define your brand’s enemy and start using this strategy today
  • The final thing you should do after completing your enemy exercise to make sure your day ends on a positive note

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Ro0ting against something is SO much more powerful than ro0ting for something - @NikaStewart Click To Tweet

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