Retweeting a post is one of the greatest compliments you can pay to someone on Twitter. You’re saying that a particular post is so relevant, interesting, informative, or entertaining, that you deemed it worthy to share with your followers. By retweeting, you are implicitly endorsing the content of the tweet and the tweeter him/herself. Nice!

But what do you do when you want to go beyond the basic RT? Is there a way you can crank it up a notch and show someone extra-special kindness?

Indeed, there is! Let’s explore a few ways to show ultra Twitter Love:

  • How to show Twitter LoveTweet about an article you find on his or her blog

Rather than simply echo a tweet that fell across your stream, take the extra step to actually visit their website, scroll through their blog, find a relevant article, and then tweet about it through your feed. Make sure you add value to the tweet through a comment. Here’s an example:

Fantastic post about creating a powerful #LinkedIn profile (great advice!) via @StreambankMedia

This tweet is much more likely to get you noticed by your target than a simple RT. It’s personal, thoughtful, and powerful. Not only will it attract attention of the article’s author, but it will also provide value to your followers. And at only 116 characters, you are leaving enough room for the recipient to RT the post through his or her feed. Make sure you include their @ Twitter name in the tweet!

  • Supercharge your #FF

One of the more common ways to show love on Twitter is by mentioning another user in a “Follow Friday” tweet. As most of you know, on Fridays, it is common for Twitter users to suggest following a select group of people. You will often see things like:

#FF (big list of people)

Or …

Inspirational people for #FollowFriday (big list of people)

While it’s flattering to be included in a list of inspirational people, let’s face it: It isn’t very likely that people will go out of their way to start following people listed on a FF recommendation. Do you?

But what if the #FF contained only one person? It would have far more impact than a list of what appears to be random strangers grouped together with an #FF in front of it. So, let’s craft a supercharged Follow Friday recommendation:

First, find someone upon whom you would like to shower some Twitter love. Let’s say @JohmSmith has been retweeting you daily for the past couple of weeks, and you would like to show your appreciation. Start by looking up @JohnSmith’s profile and find out what makes him so darn awesome. If you see that @JohnSmith’s Twitter feed and website is full of social media tips, then you’re all set to show some kindness:

Want to know the ins & outs of using Twitter & Facebook? #Follow @JohnSmith

And if you’d like to take it one step further, look for a product or service @JohnSmith is promoting, and add it to the FF:

Want to know the ins & outs of using Twitter & Facebook? #Follow @JohnSmith. His free webinar on Friday looks amazing! I just signed up.

Imagine the smile on John’s face when he sees this tweet. You just paid back two full weeks of RTs with one swift post. This technique is also perfect when you want to pay it forward. Find someone whose attention you want to capture and try it out. You will love the result!

  • *Celebritize* Your #FF:

Here’s a really fun and easy way to show appreciation and capture someone’s attention. It also involves Follow Friday – but with a really cool twist.

Instead of creating a list of unknowns and slapping an #FF in front, select just ONE person who you want to appreciate. Then surround him or her with first-rate, well-known celebs. Let’s randomly pick @JohnSmith again as our victim of kindness. You can write:

Looking for inspiration? #Follow these amazing people: @TonyRobbins, @OprahWinfrey, @JohnSmith, and @DalaiLama.

This is sure to give @JohnSmith a swelled head for weeks to come. It will also be likely that he will want to return the favor.

You can also tone down the names a bit and use industry leaders. If you are in @JohnSmith’s field, create an #FF list with the mega leaders in the field and sandwich John’s name in with them. This is actually better than the list of celebrities since it is more practical and realistic. Who wouldn’t want to be considered on a par with industry leaders?

So when a simple thank-you simply will not do, let’s super-charge those RTs and FFs and show some ultra-love – Twitter style!