What’s New with Twitter Right Now

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Twitter is currently in the process of implementing a slew of new features, changing the ways users are being connected with each other - and brands with their audiences. Not all of these features are available for every user yet (though you are more likely to encounter them through using the new Twitter on desktop), but [...]


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When Twitter expanded from 140 characters to 280 last year, it seemed like the handcuffs were finally taken off social media users. Now, with double the word property, they could truly say everything that’s on their minds, for better or worse. The President is free to expand on his “disagreements” with the media and political opponents, [...]

Why Losing 1700 Twitter Followers Was the Best Thing to Happen to My Account

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Not every account on social media is created equal. In fact, some aren’t even run by real people. Some of the largest platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, are rife with fake or inactive users. Which is why back in July, Twitter executed a massive purge of locked or fake accounts. Some of the largest accounts (Katy [...]

“Ghost” Tweeting: Tweets from Dead Presidents

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Happy Presidents' Day!  In honor of our nation's leaders, we have compiled a list of our favorite Presidential tweets:   @WHTaft: Sweet! There’s wifi in the bathtub. @HonestAbe: They made a movie about me? Too bad I’m never going into a theater again. #badmemories @BenFranklin: You guys know I wasn’t actually a president, right? @PresJGarfield: For [...]

Trolls Beware: Twitter Now Has A Mute Button

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Up until now, Twitter hasn’t offered specific tools to combat online abuse and harassment to those being targeted. In an interview with the Washington Post, Del Harvey, Twitter vice president of trust and safety notes, “We’ve heard from users that this [notifications] is an area where people don’t feel as though they have as much control [...]

Twitter Moments: What You Need to Know

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You may have noticed *Moments* on the top left navigation on your Twitter page. It's been there a while. Actually, it has been almost a year since Twitter launched its Moments feature to selected users and larger brands. But the platform announced last week it's now going to be available to all users. So what exactly [...]

Social Media News – Fall Edition

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Have you heard all the social media buzz? As the fall season descends upon us with its much-anticipated football, Uggs, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the social media sphere is blossoming with news and updates galore. Here's an update of what's been happening with some of the major networks. LinkedIn Tracking The professional social network recently introduced conversion tracking [...]