Top Facebook Pages to Inspire Your Marketing

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Facebook is a major player, if not THE player in the social networking game. When it comes to business, Facebook Pages provide a place for companies to publish content, advertise, and get feedback and comments from fans. Pages allow for a myriad of opportunities to connect, share and inspire the network’s billions of users. Here, we’ve [...]

Twitter Accounts to Inspire your Marketing Game

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Twitter has long been established as a key player in the online marketing world. We all know establishing a presence on the platform can be instrumental in growing our brands. You don’t have to be a brilliant poet to be successful in this 140-character game, but you do have to know how to engage and what [...]

Music Artists To Follow on Twitter

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(Part of our Who To Follow series) Not all musicians and artists "get" Twitter.  We think these artists do.  Here is our choice of Music Artists to follow on Twitter... for fun, entertainment, and inspiration. P!nk: @Pink Bio: it's all happening What to expect: Be there for all of Pink's thoughts and whims. Keep up with her philanthropy and [...]

Foodies to Follow on Twitter

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(part of our Who To Follow series) These nutritionists, cooks, and foodies share great recipes and tips for staying healthy and feeling fabulous. Follow them for your daily burst of yummy fun. Robyn + Quinn: @cooking_camp Bio: Taking you from totally confused to total connoisseur in your kitchen. Everything is easy, fun + delicious. Guaranteed. We [...]

Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter

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(Part I of our Who To Follow series) These Thought Leaders share new ideas and inspire people to take action.  Follow them for business motivation and encouraging life strategies. Ted Rubin: @TedRubin Bio: Life is not about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain. :-) What to expect: Conversation and [...]