Need to Know: Facebook Pages Has a New Layout

By |2017-05-23T03:47:09-04:00August 10th, 2016|

You may have been too busy building your empire to notice, but Facebook has snuck in a new Page look, complete with a cleaner, streamlined design and side navigation. While the changes won't affect how post on your page, they will make it a bit easier for you to operate. Let’s take a quick look at [...]

Social Media for Medical Professionals

By |2017-05-23T03:47:13-04:00June 6th, 2016|

Social media is a great way for healthcare professionals to engage with patients, gain credibility, and increase visibility among their specific target audience. But when establishing an online presence, providers must understand the risks along with the benefits. If you can get the balance right, there are plenty of rewards in the form of greater expert [...]

Social Media for Authors

By |2017-05-23T03:47:13-04:00May 28th, 2016|

If you’re an author and want to get noticed, there are a few tools you’ll need in your toolbox: a paper, a pen, and a social media presence. Authors have an unprecedented opportunity to reach the masses on a personal level and maybe even pique the interest of a publisher via social media. We’ll take a [...]

Top Facebook Pages to Inspire Your Marketing

By |2017-05-23T03:47:13-04:00May 23rd, 2016|

Facebook is a major player, if not THE player in the social networking game. When it comes to business, Facebook Pages provide a place for companies to publish content, advertise, and get feedback and comments from fans. Pages allow for a myriad of opportunities to connect, share and inspire the network’s billions of users. Here, we’ve [...]

What’s the Best Time of Day to Post on Social Media?

By |2017-05-23T03:47:13-04:00May 11th, 2016|

By now, we all know the importance of a solid social media presence and posting relevant, carefully curated content. But something just as important could be exactly when you are choosing to share this content. While there is no way of pinpointing a PRECISE time that is perfect for everyone, there IS plenty of research available [...]

Which Social Media Platform Should I Spend Time On?

By |2017-05-23T03:47:13-04:00May 5th, 2016|

Does this sound like your schedule? Do you spend your days floundering around the various social networks posting, commenting, sharing, and liking? How are entrepreneurs supposed to get any actual work done if they are spending every waking moment on social media? We can’t. Just like with traditional advertising, you get better results when you don’t [...]

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Messenger Bots

By |2017-05-23T03:47:13-04:00April 24th, 2016|

When Mark Zuckerberg has a message, we listen. According to the godfather of social media, users are sending almost 60 billion messages a day via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (both apps owned by Facebook). At this years F8 summit, he unveiled a plan to move the app beyond just chatting with friends. Why messaging? Facebook Messenger [...]

Five Simple Hacks to Kickstart a Social Media Campaign

By |2017-05-23T03:47:14-04:00April 21st, 2016|

So, you want to increase likes on your Facebook business page? Maybe rack up a few more Twitter followers? Your goal with every post should be to attract new fans and followers, but not just anyone. You want your audience genuinely interested and engaged with your brand. Below, we’ve come up with five simple hacks to [...]