Three Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Marketing Game

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Instagram: filled to the gills with unprecedented opportunity to reach mass audiences, visually build your brand and … share pictures of your drool-worthy Sunday brunch? Yes, the app is chock full of artfully arranged afternoon picnics and airbrushed cocktail parties but it’s swiftly becoming the perfect platform for your business to visually tell a story, offer [...]

How to Use Social Media to Drive a Book Launch

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How does social media influence a book launch? Case Study: Donovan Green's "No Excuses Fitness" We are often asked by authors if social media can help boost book sales. The answer, of course, is yes; provided that the social media campaign is strategic, intelligent, consistent, and well-coordinated with other marketing efforts. Social media contributes to increased [...]

How to Create a Trending Hashtag

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Ever wonder how to get your event hashtag to trend? Here's a story of an event that went viral in a few hours... Story Highlights: Creating a trending hashtag requires planning, collaboration, creativity, and consistency. There's power in numbers: Involving attendees, event planners, vendors, and speakers helps generate buzz for the event. Working with a professional [...]

Getting Meaningful Results on Social Media

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Do you ever wonder if the work you are doing is really making a difference? Making money in business is great, but if our work isn't helping people in some way, how can we feel completely fulfilled?  (Plus, of course, if our clients aren't getting lots of value, they don't come back. It's a lose-lose situation.) [...]

Become a Social Media Rock Star

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“Social Media is the BIGGEST shift since the Industrial Revolution” ~ Erik Qualman, Socialnomics With billions of people worldwide using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, it’s no surprise social media advertising is sweeping the internet. But with more and more websites connecting us, updating your status, posting to Instagram, communicating on LinkedIn – it [...]

Who’s Your Daddy? How Taking A Provocative Risk Can Skyrocket Your Visibility

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The day this photo appeared in the NY Post was the day that changed Jared Rosenthal's life. A full-page story gave Jared the title "Mr. Genealogy" and shared a day in the life of his mobile drug- and DNA-testing company. This spawned a media frenzy, as the coming days, weeks, and months were filled with TV [...]

Ghost Tweeting Founder Wins Woman Entrepreneur Award!

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We are so pleased and proud to announce that our very own CEO and Ghost Tweeting founder, Nika Stewart, has won the Breakout Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award! The award was announced at the 2013 Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World conference hosted by Savor the Success, the premiere business network for women entrepreneurs, and co-sponsored [...]

Change the World: Our Search for the 2013 Next Global Thought Leader #CTW13

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Over the past six weeks, we have received applications from inspirational thought leaders with powerful visions and missions to positively impact the lives of people all over the world. The pool of applicants includes forward-thinking thought leaders, innovators, and game-changers from six continents. They excel in such diverse areas as the humanities, health and wellness, philanthropy, and [...]

Equality Goes Viral: Social Justice on Social Media

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Have you recently been “seeing red” on Facebook? Does it seem like suddenly all of your friends have pictures of two little pink lines? Well, worry not, it’s no bug or hacker- it’s just the latest social media & social justice movement gone viral. In this case, the profile pictures express solidarity with the Human Rights [...]